How to open ISO files?

Update: Are you new to ISO? We have more resources that will help you deal with ISO files, click here to read them.

An ISO image is an image of files that can be burnt to a CD. If you’ve just downloaded an ISO file, and be able to open the ISO file and edit its contents, before burning it off on a CD, here’s a quick guide telling you how you can open an ISO file.

First, you should know that there are quite a handful of programs that let you open ISO files, but I’m going to talk only about WinRAR here, because it’s a simple tool and just does the job intended.

    • Get your copy of WinRAR from this page, double click on the setup file and the installation proceeds.

Open ISO files

    • During the setup process, WinRAR will ask you to set file associations, make sure that ISO is checked. Click ‘Done’ in the next window.

Open ISO file using WinRAR

  • Now, navigate to the folder where your ISO file is present. Notice that there’s a WinRAR icon indicating the ISO file.
  • Double click to open the ISO file.
  • WinRAR opens and the contents of the file are displayed.

Here are some more resources that will help you deal with ISO files.

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    You can use 7-zip to see inside iso files.
    You can also extract files from an iso using 7-zip.

    7-zip is a must for every computer.

    And it's free…

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    Hey. i have a question. I tried to extract my ISO file by WinRAR. But it said “The archive is either unknown format or damaged”. What does it mean? I cannot or shouldn’t open this file?

    • @ms – It means that the file you downloaded is corrupted, you might have to re-download it again

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    Im having trouble opening an .ISO game file. I have purchased NERO 10 PRO especially for this. I downloaded,burned .ISO to a DVD. Installed the game.

    When I run the game and I arrive at the start menu (to play), I keep getting "Insert correct original CD". Its happened with another game also i tried. Obviously there's no cd as its d/loaded. Am I doing something wrong? Please help someone.

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    hey man i have downloaded the gta IV and it contains a iso file of 6 gb and iam not able to open it with super NZB, winrar, or 7-zip……………………..please help me

    • @vamshi – The file may be corrupted which is why you are not able to open it.

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