Mark All Unread Messages as Read in Gmail [How To]
By on August 16th, 2008

Over a period of time you may have tons of unread emails in your Gmail Inbox, most of these emails may be months or years old and navigating to each of these messages and marking them as read can be time consuming.


Here are three simple steps in which you can mark all the mails in Gmail as read without having to visit each and every individual mail.

Also See: Searching for emails received in particular time frames.

Step 1: Search for Mails Which are Unread

The unread emails in Gmail are marked with the unreadlabel, so a basic search for label:unreadshould display all the emails which are unread, you can also use this trick in combination with searching emails within particular time frames to only view unread emails that were received between certain dates.


Step 2: Select All the Emails in the Search Results

Once the search result is displayed, click on the select All link to select the messages on the page.


Once you have clicked on the all link messages on the current page will be selected, if there are more than one pages with unread mails, you will see a additional message asking you to select all the messages that match this search, click on the link.


Clicking on this link should select all the unread messages.

Step 3: Mark all Messages as Read

Once you have selected all the messages, you can mark them as read by selecting the option from More Actions drop down list.


Selecting the mark as read option will show you a JavaScript alert since the actions span multiple pages, simple click on Ok to continue.


That’s it, your unread message count should drop to zero with this trick, rinse and repeat whenever your message count goes out of bounds.

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  • Madhur Kapoor

    Nice, didn’t knew about the label search .

    • Keith Dsouza

      @madhur Glad you found it useful.

      • Ejaz


  • Sathya

    I’ve been using the label: search for quite sometime now, its invaluable. IIRC, the “select all conversations that match this filter” is a new feature, I don’t recall this being available earlier, noted this while clearing up my Inbox

  • vallab

    Hi, Keith:

    helped me, especially since the Gmail Notifier that I'd just added, scared me with the '7777 unread mails' message !!


  • Sky Lew

    Thank you so much. I had 3400 unread emails and your method for changing them to read worked Perfectly! Great website awesome, great, will recommend to a friend.

  • ben

    It can even be easier

    - open gmail on the folder you want to mark as read

    - select all (same button as in the guide)

    - then there comes a message

    "All x conversations on this page are selected. Select all xxxx conversations in Inbox"()

    -> click on the select all and boom you got everything without the technical label:unread part :)

    -> more actions -> mark as read

    • ben

      For all msg's no matter which folder you can also simply search for nothing specific, just press the search button

  • Sean

    Excellent! Thank you! I have been wanting to mark the 2k + emails as read for a long time now. This was a great help!

  • Pedro

    Thx a lot for the tip! :)

  • Mishkafofer

    Your tip helped me allot.
    Though there is a slight difference because gmail changed the layout a bit.

  • Deborah

    That is the solution I was looking for! For some unknown reason Gmail marked thousands of old messages as unread, earlier this month, and I was anticipating having to go through them folder by folder, page by page. Thanks!

  • Capt. Mickey Melchiondo

    Thank you, that got it done.

  • Amol

    Thankx. Easiest way to mark all unread mail as read in one go.
    I never noticed ‘Select all conversations that match this search’ before reading this.

  • vineeth

    Thanks alot Keith…..i was even preprared to pay somebody 50 bucks to read all of them for me!!!!! thanks again

  • samin

    thanx bro

  • Sid

    Thanks a lot Keith..
    This post really helped me save my Time !

  • Andrei Smartik

    Thanks. You’re great :)

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