How to Import Bookmarks / Favorites, Passwords, Search Engines and History from Firefox and IE into Google Chrome

Google Chrome is out and it is already making waves with its simplicity and ease of use. Read our first impressions about Google Chrome if you haven’t done it already. While we definitely see many people who would love to use Google Chrome, you can easily port your Firefox and Internet Explorer data to Google Chrome, including your bookmarks / favorites, passwords, search engines and history.

By default Google Chrome asks users if they want to import data from Firefox, but if you skipped it or want to import data from Internet Explorer into Google Chrome, here is a simple way on how you can do it.

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In Google Chrome click on the settings button and click on Import bookmark & Settings option.


A new window will open showing you options to import data from Internet Explorer or Firefox, choose the browser and information you want to import and click on the Import button.


A new window should open showing you the progress of the import, once the import is complete the window will automatically close and your data will be available in Google Chrome.

15 thoughts on “How to Import Bookmarks / Favorites, Passwords, Search Engines and History from Firefox and IE into Google Chrome”

    1. @hardi seems like Firefox is not being found on your system, have you tried importing from FF into IE. I will research on this and post about it shortly.

  1. Chrome only allows import of Internet Explorer and not Firefox on my PC. It doesn’t give Mozilla Firefox as an option under Import Bookmarks and Settings. I have Firefox 3.0.1 installed. Anyone know how I can import Firefox bookmarks into Chrome?
    FYI I have Windows XP SP3 Home.

    1. @Philipp I ran the same setup on a Windows XP SP3 home edition and was able to find Firefox as a option to import, I will check on this and update, if there is a workaround shortly.

      1. there is a way you export your bookmarks to .adr or .htm file (in firefox or opera) and then import them to ie7. that way you can then easily import bookmarks from ie7 to chrome.

  2. I have XP SP2, FF3 (upgraded from FF2) on my desktop and do not get the FF option with the Chrome install. On my laptop, I have XP SP2, FF3 (clean install) and it detected it just fine. I have not yet been able to figure out why it works on one and not on the other.

    1. I checked under C:\Documents and Settings\Philipp\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles and only one profile folder appears. Funny thing is that inside of it there is a folder called chrome, but it’s dated 2005.

  3. I have Vista 64 Home Premium SP1, FF3 (upgraded from FF2) on my desktop and I do get the FF option with the Chrome install. When selected, it starts the import, freezes and NEVER RECOVERS. Using a Google search, I have found many users with the same issue but no one has provided a solution.

  4. In more recent versions of Google Chrome for Windows, the option is similar to the Mac option…

    * click on the spanner (top right)
    * click Options
    * select the Personal Stuff tab
    * click Import data from another browser…


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