How To Enable Bookmarks Toolbar Button In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is improving day-by-day. None of the browser has evolved so fast. With recent changes like themes and bookmark sync Google Chrome has raised many eyebrows. Today I will show you how to enable bookmarks toolbar button in Google Chrome.


Follow These Simple Steps

1) Right-click on Google Chrome shortcut.
2) Select Properties.
3) At the end of target box, just add Bookmarks Option

Google Chrome Properties

4) Click on OK.

Now you will be able to see bookmark button in your toolbar situated next to the Google Chrome Omnibar. It works on Google Chrome versions 2.x – 4.x

Bookmarks Toolbar Button

13 thoughts on “How To Enable Bookmarks Toolbar Button In Google Chrome”

    1. They changed it to Ctrl+Shift+B

      Also, it would be terrible if we were able to copy/paste what we’re supposed to add to the shortcut from your website. I’m glad you decided to make an image out of the text.

      1. Oh my, thank you for updating Jon.
        I actually did type Ctrl + B but nothing worked.
        Until I saw how they added Shift.
        Errrg, technology these days.
        We always have to be ‘updated’ to know what they are talking about.
        It’s too exhausting for me in my opinion.
        …and I’m not even in my 20’s.
        I’m still a teenager myself who grew up in the digital age.

        Anyways I think I’ll just stop in order to prevent people criticizing the teenage chick…

        Thanks again, Jon.

  1. Excellent tip for mouse-only users who don't want the bookmarks bar taking up space all the time. Many thanks!

    1. I’m on fedora and I can’t either :( but ctrl-shift-b works…I like that better anyhow but I still want the button because there is plenty of room at the end of the address bar.

  2. I’m looking to see how to enable to the toolbar menu, somehow browsers like IE and now chrome keep it hidden. Maybe there is no such menu in chrome?

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