Disable BitTorrent Integration in Opera [How To]

has a very annoying feature, where it assumes the role of a BitTorrent client without giving the users any easy options to disable direct integration. This would mean that I would have to fire up another browser so that I can download and open the torrent in my favorite client uTorrent.


The problem as I see it is that Opera’s BitTorrent client is OK for users who are still to discover torrents or are not heavy torrent downloader’s, for the advanced users Opera’s BitTorrent client leaves a lot to be desired with settings that look amateurish as compared to other powerful BitTorrent application. If you are annoyed of this in-built feature in Opera, here is a simple way in which you can easily disable direct BitTorrent integration and use your favorite application to open torrent files in your favorite application.

How To Disable Opera’s BitTorrent Client?

To disable Opera’s BitTorrent integration, type about:config in the browser address bar and search for BitTorrent in the quick find, once you see the option click on the BitTorrent text to open the preferences.


Uncheck the box that is next to enable and click on the save button to disable the integrated BitTorrent support. Once you have done that Opera will treat torrent files as regular downloads.


How To Setup Opera to Open Torrent Files in Your Favorite Application?

After disabling Opera’s integrated BitTorrent client, you can then change how opera handles .torrent downloads, but instructing it to open the file in your favorite torrent client. To do that follow the instructions given below.

Step 1 Go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Downloads

Step 2 Uncheck the box next to Hide file types opened with Operaand search for torrent. Once you come across the MIME type application/x-BitTorrent, select it and click the edit button.


Step 3 Select the default application for torrents by either using the system default or providing it with the link to your favorite application.


Step 4 Save the settings for the MIME type and close the preference windows. Opera should now directly open torrent files in your favorite application.

That’s it. Hopefully this should solve a annoying problem many Opera users have been facing, since the release of Opera 9.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been right-click saving to desktop .torrent files for months and then opening torrents from there – too many steps compared to this streamlined process. This FAQ made it so easy! Thanks!

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