How To Delete Index.dat file? [User Recommendation]

This post is part of the user recommendation marathon where users recommend their questions to us.

Our regular reader Vishnu asks us, I have heard about Index.dat files and that they can store lots of information about the sites I browse, is there a way I can get rid of the files so that no one can know which sites I have browsed

Hi Vishnu, thanks for taking the time to ask us this question. We will detail in this post, how you can delete index.dat files to get rid of your Internet activities and history.

Index.dat files are basically data files that can contain information about the sites you visited using Internet Explorer. The file acts as a database of information about your browsing habits and includes URLs you visited, cookies, search queries and files you opened using the browser.

That said privacy has always been a concern with index.dat files, since they cannot be deleted easily using the regular methods. The best and easiest way to delete index.dat file is by using index.dat,delete index.dat,how to,ccleaner,user recommendation