How To Build A Computer?

Users usually buy computers off the shelf or go for a branded PC, the reason may wary, like they may trust a particular brand more, or have been using them for quite some time.


However not all branded computers come with the best configuration, and some may lack in memory,  processing power or even video processing power.

So how to you get the best specs in a computer? The answer is pretty easy, by building the PC part by part.

However this in itself may sound a daunting task to several users, fear not, since the WikiHow has come up with step by step instructions on how to build a computer?

In case you are wondering what components to buy for the computer you will build, the WikiHow has another article that will help you choose components for building a computer.

And from my personal experience, I can tell you that building a computer from scratch is well worth the time and effort, I have been a proud owner of couple of self-built computers, that have lasted much longer than a branded PC, and most of it was because I was able to choose the best available configuration to build the PC. So go ahead, be brave and learn how to build a computer.

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