How To Block Ads in Your Facebook Profile
By on August 7th, 2008

Facebook is definitely one of the biggest social networks today, and many people tend to spend a lot of time interacting with their friends and family there. For people who spend longer time on Facebook the advertisements may start to get a bit annoying.

Here is a simple trick on how you can block ads on Facebook.

  1. Download and install Greasemonkey Firefox extension, if you are not already using it.
  2. For old Facebook users install the Block Facebook Ad’s user script and for those using the new Facebook interface download the New Facebook Layout Ad Killer user script.
  3. Refresh the Facebook page and the ads should disappear.

That’s it once the page is refreshed you will no longer see any advertisements. Thanks Moin.

Greasemonkey is a Firefox add-on, read our article on how you can run Greasemonkey scripts in Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

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  • MOin

    hey keith thanks for linking me back bro, am happy :D

  • Satbir Singh

    Facebook Ads are quite annoying and sometimes NSFW. Just applied the script. Thanks

  • Raj

    Nice tip. Thanks

    Stumbled :)

  • abhishek

    nice tip, thumbs up

  • hmmm

    Have you noticed the irony of an article about blocking ads on a site completely littered with ads?

  • Todd

    Thanks! This rocks!

  • Me

    What a terrible idea to promote this. Facebook is free, the costs are supported by the revenue from the ads. If this practice were widely adopted, then Facebook would go bankrupt or be forced to charge users.

    If you like using the service for free, then the least you can do is let the ads display on your screen.

    • Myself

      Well most of us don't like seeing those stupid, pointless ads. They are annoying and obtain some data from your account so they can "target" the ads to you. So hell yes I am going to block them all. BTW have you seen how much money they make already?

      Oh and Adblock Plus kills ads perfectly without the need for installing Greasemonkey + scripts

    • Zod

      Your kidding right?! Are you a pro Spammer or something? Facebook is worth BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. THE US GOVERNMENT IS MORE LIKELY TO GO BANKRUPT THEN FACEBOOK would. They make their Billions marketing your personal information MORON. Invading your privacy and doing so until they get in shit by other Countries, making their Privacy settings so confusing that people just give up.. stupid idiot jerk.. Spam is the worst thing to happen to the internet since Viruses.. everyone hates them..glad my script blocker allows me to visit sites without being constantly molested by ads

    • “c”

      I like using the service and don’t mind a few adds….but what they have change it to is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t even use Facebook hardly because of the amount of adds that are loading. So sure, great, they can put up all the adds they like to make their billions but what good will it be when no one can use the site any longer because of all the garbage.

    • Ian

      Well, I don’t give a beep about Facebook if it goes bankrupt. If it goes bankrupt, I’ll move back to MySpace.

      • Terry

        The worst part about the ads isn’t so much that it slows things down, as it is the fact that they TRACK your internet activity and TARGET advertising to your surfing patterns. For example if you search for a manual for your lawnmower, the advertisements will include Lawnboy lawnmowers… etc.

    • Z

      Facebook sucks

    • rocky

      Ok “me”… i have a serious advertising problem. Theirs a add on facebook that is for a dating site, I’m 14 1st off, i don’t want to date, and theirs pictures of women on there that are in their bathing suit and are prety much falling out of their top. i don’t appriciate seeing that crap. so what do you supose i do about it? just look at my page full of pornography?

  • to “Me”

    guess what ‘me’: some ppl dont give a crap about ads so dont be all high and mighty about annoyin ad crap. just go away

    thx for tip! after downloadin pagerage i got ALOT more ads than usual T_T

  • Pete Whittaker

    I don’t mind the side panel ads – but I do mind the great big square ads appearing in the middle of my page all the time.

  • Lolo

    This didn’t work for me, I downloaded Greasemonkey and the Ad Killer and I still have big Google adds in the middle of my news feed and profile. What am I doing wrong?

  • Advertise On Facebook

    The ad blocker plus worked great foe faceboook. Thank you very much. Their were a little annoying . This is a big help.

  • Jasmine

    For everyone talks about the ads on Facebook:

    I think the big ads on the right side, lift side and the center is because of pagerage layout if you have it.. And you can stop it and cancel it by clicking on the link : ( About this ad ), and it will be on the ad.
    Then a page will open and you will find in the end of it : To disable PageRage and all associated advertising please visit
    when you click it another page will open, click on DISABLE pagerage.
    And that’s it the problem solved!

    So you caused it when you clicked on the pagerage link, not Facebook.

  • Tadej

    worked like a charm :)

  • j

    this did not work

  • Ian

    Simple. Use firefox. Get adblock plus and noscript. Problem solved.

  • Thana Anderson

    How do I get rid of ads from CNN money on my new feed ?

  • kevin pulcella

    please please remove adverts from my facebook.

  • Gabriel Valoel Liwet

    You can Block ALL ADS on your Facebook profile. For Chrome Users:

  • derick

    im fed up with all the page rage adverts on Facebook its doing my head in it can jam ur facebook when ur tyring to talk to people

  • Lennon Castro ML

    tem uma propaganda de recarga de celular, e que estar fora do meu controle, como faço pra desativar ja fiz o que pode mee ajudemm:

  • Hammami Houssem

    fuck facebook ads!

  • Harrier

    This post is a bit dated. I will try to bring it up to date as of
    6/16/2012. I was trying to find an application to block Facebook adds
    that appear on the right hand side of the facebook page. To those who
    are trying to learn How to Block Facebook Adds, this will now work for the browsers Firefox,
    Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera all you have to do is download the
    add on called Add Blocker Plus. After it is downloaded, right click on
    the add. You will then get a window. At the bottom right corner it
    will say add filter. I did it and all those sponsored adds on the right
    hand side are gone. It worked instantly.

  • mohsina

    Thanks a lot. Its really helpfull

  • sahana

    iam gettin sum advertisement dialog box frequently while using fb as i won sum prizes.i ve gt fed up of dis .Can anyone suggest hw 2 disable dis

  • ow my eyes my eyes

    I’m hating the dating site ads. Girls in bras with fake boobs etc. like click here or would you like to meet me there are no options on face book itself to block it, my fire wall won’t block it grr it’s stinking frustrating.

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