How To Access Your Blog / Website Database On Your Desktop – Part I

Many web hosting providers do not use DNS to provide you access to your database, in such cases the database is only accessible by the files residing on your hosting account.

Tip: If you are using localhostas your database host, your database can only be accessed by files hosted on your web account.

There are several tools such as phpmyadmin, which will allow you to access your database through the web, but many users may still prefer to access the database from their favorite desktop client. In this post we will show you, how you can easily access database confined to your website / blog from your desktop.

The earlier host for Techie Buzz, provided us access using DNS, using which we could backup and keep tabs on it from our desktop. But since we moved to a new server, we did not have access to it and we used some of our expertise to access the database from our desktop. We are more than glad to share the same with our readers and thousands of people who read us.

Note: You will need to have SSH access to your hosting account to make full use of this tutorial, even if you don’t have one you can bookmark this for a later date when you do have SSH access.

Tools Needed

Here are a couple of tools we will be using in this tutorial so keep them handy.

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