How To Access Bing Visual Search Outside US
By on September 15th, 2009

Microsoft Bing recently launched a unique Visual Search feature which is currently available only to the users living in United States. If you are trying to access Visual Search outside US, then you will get the following error:

Bing Unavailable

Today I will show you how to access Bing Visual Search from any country of the world. Just follow some simple steps shown below:
1) Visit Bing Worldwide.
2) Change your country to United States.

Bing US

3) Save the settings.
4) Now visit Bing Visual Search.

Now you will be able to access Visual Search, even if you are miles away from United States. Browsing through 39 different categories inside Bing Visual Search is really a fun experience. I hope you will enjoy using this unique feature.

Bing Visual Search

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  • Zubair Naeem Paracha

    I think that its working for everyone.. for me atleast it is and I dont live in US and my country in bing is not US either

    • Omkar Dutta

      @ Zubair Naeem Paracha
      For your kind information let me tell you that I live in India and I was using Bing India. When I tried visual search I got the error shown above. I tried selecting US and it worked. Then I thought it may be available for few countries only. I selected all countries one by one and it was available only in US. We also got mails from many readers about this problem & yes we solved it!

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