Run Greasemonkey User Scripts in IE, Opera and Safari
By on August 7th, 2008

Greasemonkey is one of the most popular Firefox extensions, allowing users to easily customize any web page, remove annoyances and enhance user experience in general, the functionality Greasemonkey provides is only limited to Firefox though.

Many people may not yet be using Firefox or prefer a different browser altogether, and we must say that those users are definitely missing quite a lot of features. But what if you could find a alternative for Greasemonkey for your favorite browser?

In this post we will introduce you to Greasemonkey alternatives for Internet Explorer, Opera and IE. We are leaving Flock out of the list since most of the Firefox extensions will work in Flock.

Running Greasemonkey Scripts in Internet Explorer

For Internet explorer users there are quite a few alternatives for Greasemonkey which will allow you to run user scripts.


Trixie is probably the best Greasemonkey alternative for Internet Explorer users. You can run any Greasemonkey scripts on IE using Trixie.

Download Trixie | Trixie Homepage


IE7Pro is a popular add-in for Internet Explorer which enhances the overall experience while using Internet explorer. They also have a feature where you can install and run user scripts, just like you do with Greasemonkey. You can download user scripts for IE7Pro from

Download IE7Pro | IE7Pro Homepage

Greasemonkey for IE

Previously covered Greasemonkey For IE does the job pretty well running user scripts but does not have many user scripts to boast of yet.

Download Greasemonkey for IE | Greasemonkey for IE Homepage

Run Greasemonkey Scripts in Opera

Opera has inbuilt support for user scripts which allows you to run custom JavaScript. You can also use Greasemonkey scripts in Opera. The Opera support section has a tutorial on how you can run Greasemonkey scripts in Opera for developers and advanced users.

For users who want to run Greasemonkey scripts in Opera you need to rename the original script to end with ".user.js" and add the script to be run by Opera. Contridentuallity has a great tutorial on running Greasemonkey scripts in Opera.

Run Greasemonkey Scripts in Safari

For all those Mac users browsing on Safari, there is a nice alterative called Greasekit a user scripting engine for Webkit applications. Greasekit allows Safari users to download and run user scripts.

Simple Help has a in-depth tutorial on how you can install and run Greasemonkey scripts in Safari.


These tools and tutorials will allow to get the much needed features Greasemonkey provides to browsers other than Firefox and definitely improve the way you surf the web.

For example we use the Pre-fill comments for Firefox to fill up our name, email address and web address on several sites we comment on, but sorely missed it in Opera, using the Greasemonkey alternative for Opera we were easily able to port that feature and save ourselves some hassle while commenting on other blogs and websites while we surf with Opera.

Do you use any other tools to run user scripts? Do let us know through your comments.

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