Google Toolbar 5 Now Available for Internet Explorer

Google Toolbar 5 Now Available for Internet Explorer

Google released a new Beta version of their popular Google toolbar for Internet Explorer. With the new release comes a host of new features. You can now use Google toolbar buttons to display Gadgets when you click on them. This means that you can access all your Google Gadgets from right within the toolbar.

There are a host of new buttons which will allow you to integrate all of Google services using custom buttons. Google Toolbar Beta 5 only works with Internet Explorer 6 and above.

Here are a list of new features included in the beta version of Google Toolbar.

Add Gadgets to your Toolbar

This will allow you to add gadgets as buttons to your toolbar. Whenever you want to view the gadget simply click on it and a overlay window will display the gadget to you.

Improvised AutoFill

I have been using the AutoFill feature to fill out tons of forms, but the only problem was that it only allowed me to have a single profile. With the new improvised AutoFill you can create multiple profiles.

This is definitely a great improvement as I can now easily keep two profiles one with my office address and one with my home one and use the profiles to fill out the forms accordingly.

Take Your Toolbar Settings Everywhere

This is an extension of Google Desktop which allowed you to easily use your desktop Gadgets on your personalized page. With the new toolbar you can now save your settings under a profile and use it from anywhere.

So the next time you use a different PC just sign into to your Google Account and all the settings will be applied to the toolbar there. This is definitely a good thing as you will not have to remember your settings for different PCs which is the case with the current toolbar.

Google Notebook Integration

You can now easily save your notes to Google Notebook using the toolbar. The toolbar allows you to save notes with the click of a button.

My 2 Cents

I am definitely happy with the set of the new features and am already using the beta version on my PC. There are only two toolbars I use one is Google toolbar and StumbleUpon and these new features have definitely impressed me.

Watch the Video from the Google Team

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