Google Search Tip: Searching Using Number Ranges

Searching on Google is a skill, and knowledge of your searching skills directly affects your productivity. Here’s a small tip when you are trying to search for a number, be it a dollar amount, a measurement or any other numeric figure.

Suppose you are searching for a number that you believe to be between 5000 and 6000 but are not sure exactly what it is. You can actually search for it by specifying a number range on Google. To do so, you would type:


The two dots in between tells Google that it is a range you are looking for. Google will then highlight all the numbers that fall between this range. Note that using other special characters like comma is going to mess it up. So instead of typing 10,000, type 10000.

A small example of how to use this is when I wanted to see what are the different zip codes associated with the city of Detroit. I Googled for “Detroit zip code 40000..50000″ since I knew the zip code started with a 4. Results displayed by Google were quite amazing.

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