Google AdSense Income Tax Help

It is the time of the year when many of you may be looking to file taxes for the income earned in 2008, and if you are earning money from , you will need to include the income earned from it to your tax returns.

If you are a Google AdSense publisher and are looking for help while filing your income tax in United States, a site called AdSense Taxes will help you immensely, it talks about several topics including Tax basics, deductions you can claim on the income, resources and more.

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Of course you will also need to file taxes on other online income you get, please check the respective websites for more information on taxes.

Other Resources for Google AdSense Tax Help

Do you have any tips to share for Google AdSense, or other online income while filing taxes? Do share it with us through your comments.

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  1. I m adsense publisher myself ,however I live thousand miles away from USa,and it is lucky me I think my country yet aware,what “adsense” is so that from now till the next 5 years ahead I think I can secure my position keep not to think about tax in connection with adsense ,however Thanks for the post and I appreciate your “polite adsense here,I think you have many revenue from the adsense here,and I think I will follow your step in uploading adsense like this in your site


    That is the link for 2008 Adsense tax info:

    “How do you know whether to expect a tax form? We’ll send you one if:

    You submitted a Form W-9, are not a corporation, and were paid at least US $600 in 2008, OR

    You indicated that you are subject to backup withholding and had taxes withheld”

    Based on that quote, you won’t get a tax form if you earned less than $600 from Adsense.

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