Display Unread Emails Based On Received Date In Gmail [User Recommendation]

This post is a part of the user recommendation marathon where users asked us about several tips and tricks which could help them, in this post regular reader Nancy recommends a question to us.

Nancy asks us Gmail shows me that I have 700 emails in my Inbox, due to several things I have not been able to respond to emails from last week and would like to mark all those emails that have been sent last week as read without marking everything as read, in addition to that I would also like to see unread emails that were sent to me between certain days

Thanks for the question Nancy, in this post we will answer the as to how you can find unread emails past a certain date, and also tell you about the advanced search term you will require to search emails between certain dates.

Searching Unread Emails based on Date

Gmail has extensive options to search emails and date based search is one of them. In order to display only unread emails in Gmail that are prior to a week bring up the advanced search options by clicking on the Show search options link, next to the Search box.


In the search options that are shown to you, select Unread mail from search options. Select 1 week as the option from the date within selection and type in the date from where the mails should be compared to, if you want to search for mails that are one week old type in today as Gmail understands lay terms for dates. You can also type in the actual date you want to base the search on.


In lay language this would translate to Show me unread mails that are a within a week from today. Once you have inputted the options, clicking on the search mail button will display the emails that are unread and more than a week old.

Using this option will however not limit the emails to only a week ago, this will also include emails that are a week after the date you specify. In order to get better results we would have to use the advanced search options, which we will look at in the next section.

Searching for Unread Emails between dates

Google has several advanced search terms using which you can search emails, we will be making use of few of them in order to search emails between specific days.

is:unread after:2008/05/02 before:2008/05/17

In the above search term, we specified the state of the email using the is operator and the date range using before and after operators, you can also limit the emails to only those that are in specific labels by using label operator with the search term.

To search for unread emails that are only in the inbox currently and between certain dates the search term would be;

is:unread after:2008/05/02 before:2008/05/17 label:inbox

You can find a complete list of operators which can help you to search your emails faster by visiting the Gmail,Gmail search,time based search,gmail advanced search,tips and tricks,how to,user recommendation