Give A Personalized Touch to Your Twitter Page [How To]

There have several tutorials on how you could create your own personalized homepage in Twitter but this one is different since it takes into consideration a new trend that was started by @waynesutton and then also popularized by @problogger. The latest I saw today was at @vrreddy, you can also the same changes now at my profile @keithdsouza.

The design gives a very personalized touch to your twitter profile and I will describe to you simple steps, how you can achieve this without having to create several images to perfect it. Before I go ahead lets look at the outcome of the design with the screenshot below.


As you can see from the screenshot above I was able to give a personalized touch to the twitter home page using the colors used at Techie Buzz, as well as introducing a extended profile where users can Twitter,Twitter personalized page,personal twitter page,personalize twitter,twitter tips