Get Important Emails as Text Messages on Your Phone [US Only]
By on August 3rd, 2008

If you are in the US, your cell phone has a special email address using which you can easily get important emails as a text message. Several providers provide a simple way for people without phones by providing you with a email address.

You could use the email address to receive important alerts like your website going down, or something else which may require your urgent attention. Below is a list of email addresses for different providers in the US.

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Virgin Mobile:

Replace phonenumberin the above emails with your own cell phone number. You will receive a text message every time a email is sent to the email address. In order to ensure that you only receive important emails and not spam, we advice users to use the email address with a filter that forwards the email message rather than using the email address itself.

Note: Regular text messaging charges may apply for receiving text messages.

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  • Manan

    Such service is available in india as well and almost all service providers have it. I had done a post on this with all details some time back.

  • Pavan Kumar

    You can get email to sms gateway for almost every network all over the world. You have shared only those of US, but such thing is possible on all service providers.

    Check out the available sms gateways here.

    You can determine for unlisted network by just sending an email from your phone and notedown the from mail id. I hope this works.

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