Generate Favicon In Two Steps With GenFavicon
By on November 28th, 2007

Favicon are small sized icons which are associated with websites, they are shown next to the site’s name in the URL bar of most browsers. Favicon are a way with which users can easily identify different websites.

Favicon is usually created in different sizes the most popular are 16 x 16 pixels, 32 x 32 pixels, 64 x 64 pixels and 128 x 128 pixels.

genfavicon-logo GenFavicon is the latest web2.0 service that allows you to create favicon (shortcut for favorite icons) for you website in two simple steps. All you have to do is upload the image you want to create a favicon with and specify the size.

You can upload an image up to the size of 4 MB. Only gif, jpg and png formats can be uploaded. In addition to using local images you can also specify images from your Flickr or Picasa account by providing the URL.


Once you have uploaded the image or provided the URL to it GenFavicon will upload the image to their own servers. You can then choose the proper dimension of the image you want to create a favicon from.


Once you have selected the area you want to create the favicon from you just have to choose the size and create the favicon.


With few seconds your favicon will be generated and you can download it it ico and png formats. That’s the easiest and fastest way to generate a favicon.


I am going to use this favicon for may personal site as it would fit in better there. By the way once you have created your favicon you have to follow two more tasks.

  • Upload the favicon to the root folder of your website. Usually this will be the first folder you log in with your FTP.
  • Add this line to your header template file. <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" />.

That’s it the next time you refresh your website you will see a small icon next to the URL.

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    guess i will try this…

  • Nirmal

    Service looks good, but the url you have given first is wrong I guess, its pointing to the image and not the site.

  • Sumesh

    It looks good, and I really like the upload from Flickr/Picassa feature.

  • Vaibhav

    thanx keith, i was looking for this kind of service so as to use small images in presentations. and do correct the link above. thanx for sharing.

    • keith

      Hey Vaibhav glad you found it useful.

  • keith

    @Innovations – Yups try it out its pretty useful.

    @Nirmal – Thanks for pointing that out

    @Sumesh – Yes thats a very good feature

  • favicon generator

    I use free tool at This one works great and its fast

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