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Web 2.0 is all about social media and networking.

Today there are a lot of websites like IMEEMâ„¢, Last.fmâ„¢, Pandoraâ„¢, Myspace, eSnipsâ„¢, Mogâ„¢, iJiggâ„¢,â„¢ and so on, which offer you to upload and share your favorite music files. You can also listen to music files uploaded by others.

But what if you wanna download these files to your PC.

FreeMusicZilla, is a nice little tool, which has been specially designed to let you download free music from almost all social music services.

It is small application program [about 0.5MB], which you have to download and run. After that go to your favorite music site, select the song, while running FreeMusicZilla in the background. As soon as the playing of the song begins, a download link is shown in the FreeMusicZilla window, running in the background. Click it, and you get the file in your PC.

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I am Silki Garg, a telecom professional from the holy city of Varanasi in India. I have a natural crush for Technology and having bitten by Blogging Bug. I usually have a contrarian approach.

  • Great find, Silki! Who doesn’t love free music? :-) Stumbled!

  • Thanks Kartik,
    Both for the Stumble, and the nice words.

  • bosquito

    Indeed, who doesn’t love free music, but I think that this tool isn’t complete. You can have free music with other programs which are much improved than this one. I use Videoraptor and it has many features very useful for us :D If you are interested in it, you can try it here:

  • Ishtar

    Just wondering if this worked for streaming websites?

    You can also do pretty much the same thing with a Firefox plugin.

  • Hi There!

    Nice post thanks for that, I’m a producer of free music as well and I’d like to share my self produced tracks with you!

    Get the full 270MB big zip file from my website

    It contains all of my tracks and mixes from the last 10 years!

    Hope you’ll like it.