Free Services to Sync Your Mobile Phone Contacts, Calendar Entries, Notes, Bookmarks and SMS
By on September 3rd, 2008

Mobile phones are becoming more and more sophisticated day by day, with storage space growing by leaps and bounds. Though the storage space have increase, the one thing that will never change is the importance of your data.

There may be many times when you could lose your phone and with that all your contacts and calendar entries. To avoid that it is always advisable to backup your contacts to a different location you can sync up with. So you could at-least get your contacts back in worst case scenarios.

There are various softwares and services which allow you to sync up your contacts, but we love two of them which are free and also very useful.



Mobical is a mobile synchronization service that is based on SyncML. With Mobical you can backup your contacts, calendar entries, tasks, notes, SMS and bookmarks to a remote location, the service supports various mobile devices and can be easily setup on your mobile device.

Mobical also allows you to setup several mobile phones from a single account, so you can easily transfer data between several phones, changes made to one device will propagate to all the devices you have added. We recommend this service to synchronize you cell phone data.

Visit Mobical to set up a free account.



GooSync is another synchronization service specifically for calendar entries. The major different in GooSync is that it will synchronize your calendar entries with a Google account. They have support for standard as well as Google Apps accounts.

GooSync offers to sync events up-to 30 days in advance, and support over 100 phones including the iPhone. GooSync offers a professional account, which includes calendar sync for 365 days in advance, multiple calendar sync, contacts sync and more.

Visit GooSync to setup a free account.

With these two services we have been able to easily synchronize our data to a remote location, what services do you use to sync up your mobile device?

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