Prevent/Fix Operation Aborted Errors In IE


The screenshot above is the worst nightmare of any webmaster, it relates to improper JavaScript coding that prevents your site from loading in Internet Explorer.

And considering the Sitemeter debacle quite sometime back, which prevented users from visiting the site running sitemeter code because of a problem in their JavaScript code, it can be pretty annoying as you are still losing traffic for no fault of yours.

Many might say it is IE’s fault as other browsers handle JavaScript errors pretty well, however that is how it handles things, so we need to make sure that the JavaScript code does not have errors in the first place, I am saying this because I myself have made a mistake once and lost traffic from IE users, you can read more about that experience in my post Incomplete testing can lose you traffic.

To overcome this error, I had told you about some simple steps you can do on your end to avoid operation aborted errors, to add to that the IE blog today wrote a extensive tutorial that will help developers to avoid visitors from seeing the dreaded error on their websites.

The post is pretty detailed and talks about possible scenarios the error will occur in and the steps you can take to debug your code to track such errors.

Definitely useful considering the fact that IE still holds a considerable share in the browser market, so no matter whether you love it or hate it, you still have to code for it.

Preventing Operation Aborted Scenarios [IE Blog]

3 thoughts on “Prevent/Fix Operation Aborted Errors In IE”

  1. A site I’m building does not do this directly, but we have links that when clicked call JS that modifies the DOM. If the page hasn’t fully loaded and a user clicks one of these links, we see this error.

    Any ideas on how to prevent users from clicking the link before the page has fully loaded?

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