Fix High CPU Usage Problem While Accessing the Internet
By on August 1st, 2008

Over the past few weeks one of our PCs started to slow down unexpectedly and utilized high CPU resources while we accessed the Internet. We were quite perplexed as every time we downloaded emails in Outlook, or downloaded files from the Internet the CPU usage would shoot up to 100%

Turned out the problem was due to AVG network scanner, which was making use of DPCs (Deferred Procedure Call) to create high-priority tasks to scan the network, which in turn slowed down the PC by shooting up the CPU resources.

At times you may also see problems while accessing regular websites, where pages may not load and show connection timeouts.

The next time you are facing a slowdown while using the Internet, you can open task manager to see which process is using the most CPU resources, if you see DPCs taking up most of the resources, you can disable the AVG Network Scanner and then try see if the problem is solved. This may also occur with other Anti-virus software, disabling the Network scanner will fix the issue.

If you have any questions related to PC problems or problem with a application, feel free to ask us, we will try our best to find a solution for the problem.

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  • hipster

    This new AVG Network Scanner Service was not only blocking my web surfing when I blocked it
    at my firewall but it was using major resources by reporting every site I visited just like a trojan or spyware.

    Here’s the fix:
    Go to Start then Run and type in MSCONFIG. Hit OK and select the SERVICES tab and un-check AVG Free8 WatchDog. Click APPLY, then OK.
    When you restart your computer AVG won’t be running.

    Simply undo this procedure when you want to run a scan.

    AVG’s Tech’s fired back at me and said:
    “its processes and services should be always running due to security reasons”

    Yes, that is true when the anti virus program is running in the background and doesn’t compete for resources or bandwidth but when your free software bullies your resources plus sends out all the info on users such as websites they visit and more, at this point you have a conflict of interest.

    You’ll read plenty of people are mad about this new addition to the AVG software. Some where to the tune of over almost 3/4 of a million….so its not just me complaining.

    With that said, most folks know if they’re going into virus territory by clicking on free computer scans, congratulations win free products banners, porn sites, limewire, eMule or cracked application sites. So unless you’re going to these types of sites then it is safe to disable your AVG anti virus and then enable it once a week for a scan. In my opinion.

    I simply offered another solution where as their solution wasn’t making anyone happy.

    Look at the comments they got on the AVG site if anyone don’t believe me.

    The “remove Link Scanner” option is the AVG tech option and I have “how to disable” as another. Its all good as people like choices.

    Stand up against the NWO – Uphold the US Constitution. God Bless

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