Fix for Mouse Not Moving To Secondary Monitor Issue on Windows Vista

This morning I had a very annoying issue with my dual monitor setup, where I could not move the mouse from one monitor to the other, I searched around online for fixes to the issue, but came across a barrier which asked me to update the display drivers for my video card.

My drivers were already up-to-date so I tried to connect the laptop to another external monitor and everything worked fine there. This totally frustrated me as I am used to working on a multi-monitor at the office.

I finally managed to fix the issue and it turned out to be the lamest thing I have every come across, Windows switched the extended monitor to the left and I was trying to move my mouse cursor from the right of my primary monitor. Though I am not sure what happened for it to change the settings, I was able to access the secondary monitor from the left.

So the next time your mouse cursor is not moving to the secondary monitor from the right side, try doing it from the left side of your primary monitor. I restored normalcy though to have Windows extend the monitor to the right side and here is how you can do it.

Open Control Panel and click on mobile PC, in the new page click on Windows Mobility Center. In the new window that opens up, click on the Connect Display button, a new window will open showing you the properties of the connected display, change the extend your desktop from left to right and things should work as normal.


Hopefully this should save you some headache, the next time you cannot move your mouse cursor to the secondary desktop.

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