Fix for Mounting As A Drive In Windows

Quite sometime back we had written a popular post on how to mount in Windows, though the trick worked pretty nicely, the access was restricted after some time, making it impossible to load as a drive.

There is a simple fix for the problem though and you can once again mount as a network drive in Windows.

boxnet-fixed-and-mounted-in-windows boxnet-accessing-files-in-windows

Before you can mount your drive in Windows just download and install a Software Update for Web Folders from Microsoft. Once you have done that, visit the tutorial to mount as a folder and follow the instructions given there. This tutorial is exactly similar for both Windows XP and , except that the screenshots may look a bit different.

So go ahead and add that additional space to your desktop.

Thanks for the tip Sam and Sandeep.

4 thoughts on “Fix for Mounting As A Drive In Windows”

  1. slick. i do love the idea of online free storage, mostly as a form of backup located somewhere not where my hardware is. being able to set it up as if it were another hard drive on my system just makes using it that much easier. thanks.

  2. It is not working for me. Not sure why, the log-in box comes up and then it says this is not a valid option. Running Windows Vista.


    1. I tried it with http:// rather than https:// and got it to work; however, I would really like to get it working as https.

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