Fix for “Aw Snap” Error in Google Chrome [Reader Recommendation]
By on September 4th, 2008

Update: The Symantec Forum has a fix for the issue with a minor registry change, this will mean that you can use both Google Chrome as well as Symantec Endpoint Client.

One of our readers sent in a email where Google Chrome installed properly on his system, but while loading the site, there was the browser threw a error Aw Snap, something went wrong.

On researching the issue we found it to be a problem with Symantec Endpoint Client, the solution would be to disable Symantec first and run Google Chrome. It is not advisable to uninstall the anti virus software though and you should wait till either Google or Symantec releases a patch for it.

For more discussion on this error you can visit the article on Google Groups which details about this error and another which discusses another error which can be caused by the same issue. You can also find solutions for other problems with Google Chrome by visiting the error threads for Google Chrome.

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  • msx

    maybe he typed about:crash

    this causes the error to occur.

    not kidding!

    • jitu

      thanx dude

  • raaz-NTR

    Folks i have found a True Solution which definetly works…

    jus re-install chrome and go to settings>options>under the bonnet tab>change font and language settings

    jus change the fonts to arial or to any other font u know really..and change encoding to UTF-8 and save and close jus refresh your browser sure it i'll works..

    i have read so many replies regarding font misplacing so i have tried this becoz my windows fonts are changed and from then my chrome wont worked so i tried it tofay now My chrome is working fine…njoii dudess

    • ganekann632

      my windows fonts shrunk suudenly and chrome doesn't work. Hope this trick will do for me

    • esekki58

      thanks a lot. i changed the fonts to arial and now chrome works just fine. strange but true.

    • rohit thathal

      thanx raaz NTR for ur valuable solution to this prob

      m really very happy and appericiate ur work


      bye take care

      • raazNTR

        my pleasure..

        • Prabhanjan

          Hey guys this solution works…. dont simply waste ur time by installing symantec or some other anti spyware or anti malware… and thanx for the solution

          • Snow

            No, this doesn’t work. In fact, Chrome is installed with these settings, at least on Macs.

    • Leske

      FINALLY something that works! Thank you so much. I got the dreaded "Aw, snap" everytime I tried to open my gmail account. After reinstalling the flash player, Java and shockwave plugin I still got this message. I didn't uninstall chrome, but changed my language settings as described above. Amazingly, it worked!

    • Alap

      Awesome!!! Your Solution Worked 100%!!!!

      Congrats Genius

    • poloman

      Thanks for posting this solution. Can’t believe it but it worked for me too. I also un-installed and re-installed just sure before I did these changes and Chrome didn’t start working until I changed the font.

    • Clarissa

      I tried this too, and it didn’t work for me.. I give up. Staying with firefox from now on. :-(

      • Clarissa

        OMG Wait I am back in chrome.. THANKS for posting.. I changes my fonts over to arial too and I am back.. .

    • Angela

      Wow, weirdly this also worked for me! I was so frustrated, having spent days of crashing and freezing up, and not being able to open multiple tabs. I had tried to uninstall and reinstall, make a new user profile, etc., and still continued to have the same problems, and feeling like I tried everything, I went ahead and tried this, and it fixed it!

      • Angela

        Well, it looks like I may have spoken to soon. I tested it for awhile before posting, and it seemed to be working fine, but in the past day since then, some websites are still having a problem :(

    • Pedro


      thank you very much for help. It solves my problems also with IRON SRWARE web browser.
      I found this problem when I have generated OS image for XP Embedded.
      Usualy there are a few default fonts included in embedded image.
      Chrome/Iron definitely don’t work before you change font and coding setting properly.

    • Hellboy

      Hey. Great soultion,man.U rock !!!

    • grant

      YUP worked for me! changed alot of thing before this FINALY worked! Changed fonts to Ariel

    • Allen22

      This worked, many thanks. Had a week of 3 separate computer problems, lost mobile internet, then thought needed to install new operating system, due to a bad image error, all ok now. Was sick of Aw Snap, used to have to restart computer after about 15 minutes due to freezing.

    • WALLY


    • WALLY

      Thanks works perfect now.
      I did it in windows 7 64 bits and was the solution at the end.

    • martin

      when i do this step i click setting then option its shows aw snap.. :((

    • Richmyrle

      Thank you so much!!!Now, i can enjoy my fav apps in chrome…:)it really worked for me…windows 7

  • David

    Hmm, I tried this solutions but unfortunately, it's now working for me. Tried changing fonts to aria, then verdana, no luck, aww snap message on e-v-e-r-y site I try to load, google, gmail, anything. I did change to UTF-8 as recommended, and tried every other western setting.

    Any help?? Thanks!

  • David

    Darn – I meant to type "NOT" working for me, and mis-typed now working! oops! I meant to say this is NOT working… thanks!

  • Anil

    Hi All,

    I am also facing the AW Snap error with my google chrome… But interestingly i don’t have symantec software in my Laptop. I’m using Avast, I have tried disabling it..but no joy. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome – No joy, Deleted Chrome folder and reinstalled it – still same…
    So, i think its not only an issue with Symantec but some thing else as i don’t have any software related to Symantec..

  • SuperUser

    All the below fixes did not work at all. I managed to fix the problem however by re-installing XP SP3 on my computer – now chrome works as well as it ever did. (apart from still crashing when on images search)
    I’d love to know what program updated overnight and destroyed it though.Things seem to be pointing at adobe update manager????

  • ODAY

    In my case…Aw Snap occurred because | removed some fonts… After recover them it continues working fine!!!!
    Hope this help

    • Jeswa

      This worked for me, reset my custom font to Arial. Thanks!

  • lalurasheeb

    In the “Google Chrome Properties” dialog box that opens, At the end of the text box for “Target” field, give a space after chrome.exe” and paste–no-sandboxand press OK. This is what the text box for “Target” field should look like:”C:Documents and Settingsyour nameLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” –no-sandbox
    Click on “Apply” and then “OK”. This is all to make your Google Chrome work smoothly!

  • zero

    for all those *who tried everything but nothing works.
    try this also:
    1)re-intstall chrome.
    2)go to my computer.
    3)click on the address bar and select everything.
    4)paste the below link with your user name or you can manually go there
    C:Usersyour usernameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplication
    5)rename ‘chrome.exe’ to ‘chrome1.exe’
    6)then open chrome.
    did work for me.this for windows 7.
    (*nothing else other than ‘about google chrome’ opens for you’)

  • zero

    for all those *who tried everything but nothing works.
    try this also:
    1)re-intstall chrome.
    2)go to my computer.
    3)click on the address bar and select everything.
    4)paste the below link with your user name or you can manually go there
    C:Usersyour usernameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplication
    5)rename ‘chrome.exe’ to ‘chrome1.exe’
    6)then open chrome.
    did work for me.this for windows 7.
    (*nothing else other than ‘about google chrome’ opens for you’)

    • ViM

      Thanks. It worked perfectly.

    • Aw Snaps

      Boy this was dumb and Chome can’t make a fix, but this silly idea that you have works. If this company can’t get this straight it will others on top…………. This worked for me Thank You

  • johnson dell

    For Free Browser Tech Support Contact Us @ 1-800-935-0537

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