Find Out The Meanings Of Twitter Jargon With Twittonary

Expressing   your feelings in just 140 characters is indeed a difficult task that demands creativity!  So, tweeple (people who tweet) around the world have used their own phrases and words to express their feelings in a simple way.

Here is a tool that helps you  understand what all  those new  words mean! Twittonary, a Twitter dictionary, helps you find out the meanings of most of the Twitter words, phrases and abbreviations such as RT (Retweet), ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing), Twoosh (A complete 140 character tweet) and so on.

It also shows you how to use new words by giving you example sentences.


Some Twitter suggestions:

In addition to the above features I mentioned above, you can search the index of this dictionary in alphabetical order to know about new words and phrases used on twitter.

Happy Tweeting!! :)

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