Find Large Files and Folders On Your Hard drive with Disksum [Command Line Tool]
By on July 29th, 2008

We have been big fans of Command Line tools, in the past we have talked about a command line tool to recycle your files using the command prompt, and also introduced you to several useful command prompt shortcuts.

We prefer using the command line for several tasks such as copying and moving files since its much more faster than the regular method available for Windows. Recently we came across Disksum, a handy command line tool, that will help you find the largest file or folder that exists in any directory on your hard drive.

Disksum can be used to find:

  • Which folders have lots of files in them?
  • Which folders use lots of storage?

To use disksum, download the executable and copy it to C:WindowsSystem32 (replace C: with your Windows drive letter). Putting the file in the system32 folder will ensure that you can access the command globally, without having to provide the full path to the executable or adding classpath entries to your environment variables.

Once you have downloaded and copied the file into the system32 folder, open a command prompt and navigate to any directory you want to find the largest file or folder in and issue the command disksumwithout the quotes.


Disksum will scan the files and folders present in the directory and display it in two categories;

  1. According to the number of files in ascending order.
  2. According to size of the files and folders in ascending order.

Pretty cool right, and it’s quick too.

Disksum [via gHacks]

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