Find and Use Free Stock Photographs for your Blog [PicFindr]

“Images say a thousand words”. There is not a more truthful saying than this, images do increase the charm of your post and make your posts look more meaningful. We have even talked about this in our post 6 Tips to make a good blog post better.

That said finding images is not a easy task and to top it finding images that does not have any copyrights on them is a bigger task.

You can use Flickr of course to find such images but there is no dedicated search engine for finding such images. Well don’t fret because I am going to point you to a dedicated search engine which allows you to find Free stock photo for your site which you can use without any hassles and worries about licensing.


PicFindr searches the web* for stock photography that is completely free to use commercially. Several licensing arrangements have recently emerged as alternatives to copyright (sometimes called “copyleft”) and PicFindr makes sense of them all by helping you find images based on what you have to do to use them, whether licensed under Creative Commons, GNU, a site-specific agreement, or something else. PicFindr can even find free images you can use commercially without requiring permission or credit of any kind!

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