How to Enable DreamScene in Windows 7

DreamScene was a Windows Vista Ultimate extra which allowed users to have animated (video) wallpapers. In a way it was a dream come true for any users who wished to have a more dynamic desktop. Unfortunately, Microsoft dumped this feature in Windows 7 in favour of Desktop Slideshow. However, with a little bit of effort you can use DreamScene even on Windows Seven.

  • Before getting started make sure you have Aero turned on. The quickest way to enable Aero is to select any Aero theme from the Personalize options.
  • Download the Windows 7 Dreamscene patch (32 bit only) from here. Start the installer (you will need administrator privileges).

DreamScene in Windows 7

  • Wait for the patch to finish. Once it is done, Explorer will automatically be restarted and you will get an option to set any supported video (WMV or MPG) as Desktop Background from the right click context menu.

That’s it! It was really as simple as that.

[via MyDigitalLife]

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