iPhone Emulator For Testing Websites On A iPhone

Gone are the days when testing your websites on traditional desktop browsers was the only thing you needed to worry about, with smart phones like , iPhone and Android it has become more and more important to test out your website on mobile devices.

Quite sometime back we had told you about a trick to emulate mobile browsers on your desktop, you could definitely fool websites to display content as if they were serving it on a mobile browser.

However if you are looking for a very close match for emulating iPhone, a website called iPhone Tester is where you should be headed to.


With iPhone Tester you can emulate the built-in browser of iPhone and test your website just like you be doing it on a iPhone, so the next time you want to test out the changes on iPhone and do not have access to the phone, visit iPhone Tester to get it tested.

iPhone Tester

4 thoughts on “iPhone Emulator For Testing Websites On A iPhone”

  1. transmog.net is an online iphone simulator and the only one i have found that actually spoofs the iphone user agent to properly test mobile website in your desktop browser. Quick and simple and works well.

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