Embed A CountDown Timer On Your Website

If you are a webmaster, there are a number of reasons you and your visitors might be counting down to a specific day. It might be a contest that is getting over soon, it might be a festival you are looking forward to or anything else that is worth anticipating.

Now you can make that anticipation more fun and collective by embedding a cool countdown timer on your website or blog. The process is simple. Go to this website, and start customizing your timer with options like text color, background color, countdown date and a caption describing what your countdown is about. You can also customize the size of the countdown timer.

Once you are done, you will be provided with an HTML code that you can paste in to any website or blog. Here is a sample countdown timer we generated for the upcoming new year 2010.

Created by OnePlusYou

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Tehseen Baweja

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  • Nice One! I can not believe the end of the year is only 130 days away! I still have to do so much this year!

  • We have been trying to get this timer but none of the options are working……

  • Thank you so much for this, it’s great that you can also customize the background and text colour. I will have to put this on my website for the countdown to Christmas and then to new years.

  • Elina

    Nice thing but where’s the year 2011? :)

    • J_Carbs

      Easy edit in the code – if you select “2010” it defaults to 2012 in the code. Just edit it so that it says “2011” instead of “2012”

  • Razvan

    I can not get it to work :( I ended up using a flash countdown. I found it at flashxml. It’s ok but i would prefer a html version http://www.flashxml.net/countdown.html any suggestions?