Free Kindle Books – Here’s Something For Christmas

I guess many of you might have received an Amazon Kindle as a present this Christmas. So what do you do with it now? You can read tons of books on it and also purchase books through the Amazon Kindle Store.

Free Amazon Kindle Books

But since you have just got that Kindle, why not give it a try with some Free Kindle Books? Yes, Amazon does have an option for users to download and read Free Kindle Books which do not cost you a cent, before you can go ahead and make your first purchase.

Interested? Well head over to Amazon’s Free Kindle Books page to download books including Serial by Jack Kiborn, The Wild’s Call by Jeri Smith, Star Wars by John Jackson MIller and several other books from a list of 40 books.

Do try this out before you head over to buy some really good books for the Kindle.

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