Download BitTorrent Files Without A Client

You have probably heard of a dozen or so BitTorrent clients to download files. There are also plenty of places to find torrent files as well. aims to fill a niche where you might be in a situation while travelling or when you are ay someone else’s place without your BitTorrent client. lets you specify the URL of a torrent metafile and download the file of your choice right from the browser without a client.

Quick BitLet Facts

  • BitLet is a web bittorrent client that lets you download files
  • You just give it the URL of the torrent meta file and select the directory you want to download it to
  • BitLet works via a Java applet and it shows you the download progress in a popup window
  • BitLet offers a code generator for publishers wishing to provide a link to download a file with BitLet
  • It lets you generate and upload your own torrent meta file
  • It directly uploads to mininova but is configurable to upload to other servers.
  • They also offer a bookmarklet to make a ‘download by Bitlet’ appear by a .torrent file link in many torrent sites.
  • As a new feature, Bitlet lets you listen to music you are streaming using BitTorrent.
  • The player opens in a applet similar to the download window and currently supports MP3 & OGG file formats with support for more types coming soon.


Overall, BitLet is a great alternative for situations where one might not have access to a full blown BitTorrent client or where the use of such software is restricted. It is also a great way for a publisher to give file download access to a casual downloader who might not have knowledge of such software.


7 thoughts on “Download BitTorrent Files Without A Client”

  1. Good Software. At least one will not require to download client each time he encounters a new machine (though size less than 1 MB is not a constraint).

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