Cut Down Your Lousy Webmail Spam With Gmail [User Recommendation – How To]

This is part of the user recommendation marathon where we write articles based on recommendations users have given us. In this we are going to answer a question Ashley recommended to us.

Ashley asks I have a company email account which is regular webmail provided by our hosting provider, I can access all the mails using POP, the problem is that I have to sort out several spam emails as most of it is not caught by Outlook. Is there any spam filter or work around you can tell me about.

Spam has become quite a issue with non-exchange (simple webmail) based email services that many offices use for emails. The problem is with tons and tons of emails get through to your Inbox, you can either sit and keep on segregating through those emails in Outlook or any other desktop client you use, or simply follow this trick we are about to tell you and cut down your spam by more than 95%.

Gmail, as many of you may already be aware of, has a pretty good spam filter which catches atleast 99% of spam emails coming your way. As wonderful as the service is Gmail’s inbuilt feature of allowing you to pull email from external servers can really work wonders for the amount of spam you deal with on a day to day basis.


We have been using this trick for our professional emails for quite some time and believe us that you will be dealing with practically no spam at all after you reroute your emails through a Gmail account.

To make use of this trick you will need to create a new Gmail account first, we say new because you may not want to mix your personal and professional emails.

Tip: Do not share this account with anyone and only use it to re-route your office emails to keep it simple.

Once you have created a new account head to setting for the Gmail account. Select the accounts tab and click on the link Add another mail account.


Follow the series of steps presented in the new window to setup Gmail to download emails from your office email address.


Once you have setup your email account you will need to setup a POP account for the newly created Gmail account in your favorite email client. Before you do that Gmail has a peculiar request that you should enable POP before you can use it. To do that go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and enable pop access, you can also use the IMAP feature to access and keep your email synchronized all the time.

We prefer IMAP since it gives us access to all the folders within Gmail and also lets us keep a eye if any legitimate email has been caught as spam.

Ashley, hope this answers your question and cuts down the amount of spam you have to deal with each day, keep tuned for the other user recommendations which will be posted in the coming days.

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