Customizing Views In Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 has several options with regards to viewing your email and allows users to view messages in the form of conversations and also provides with many other options to the users.

The new views may look like overwhelming to many users, however it can be easily customized to suit your needs, in this post we will detail how you can customize views in Outlook 2010.

Changing Views Back to Show Messages By Date

Outlook 2010 has a new conversation view enabled by default, though not many people will be comfortable with it, if you are not comfortable with the conversation view, you can easily change it back to the default date view.

Select Date View Outlook 2010

To do that just click on the View tab in the Outlook Window and select Date from the available options.

Apply Current View To All Folders

By default different folders will have different views in Outlook 2010, however you can apply a single view to all the folders in a single step, without the need to customize each and every folder.

Apply Current View To All Outlook 2010 Folders

To apply a current view to all the folders, go to View tab and click on Change View, from the dropdown list click on Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders.

A new window will popup, just select all the folders you want to apply the current view to and save it.

Edit and Manage Views

Views provides users with several options, you can modify them to change which fields are displayed, the type of view and so on.

To edit or manage views, click on View tab and select Manage Views or to directly modify settings for the current view click on the View Settings.

Modify Views Outlook 2010

This should pop up a new window which has several options. You can modify the columns that are displayed, what options should the message be grouped by, sorting order of messages, filtering, conditional formatting and more.

Once you have modified the options click on Ok to save them.

Save Views For Future Usage

Once you have customize the views it may be good practice to save it somewhere, Outlook 2010 offers users with an option to save views.

Save Current View Outlook 2010

To save your views, go to View tab and click on Save Current View as New View, in the window that pops up, enter a name for the view and save it.

Once you have save the view it till appear in the change view options, you can easily click on it to apply your view.

There are many more tips like this to come in the future, we will be covering for all the products, so make sure to check back regularly.

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  • Kevin

    Thanks for the tips but I have a unique question. For Outlook 2010 all of the folders weather the favorites or under your mail account are more spaced out then previous versions of outlook. Normaly it would be an issue but if you use favorites it dramatically reduces the number of folders that are visable. Is there a way to change the view?

    Also when clicking on a folder the title above the messages where the search bar is has been removed. This makes it a bit mor confusing remembering what folder you are in. Any way to add it back?

    Thanks for the help!

    • paul

      I have the same issue. HATE it.
      Now considering a Mac because maybe they don’t have these annoying problems.

  • Rick

    I am using Outlook 2010 and can see the emails in my inbox for the 4 different emails when I go to the Change View pop up window but I can see them in the regular inbox or read them. Only emails sent yesterday…

  • How do I customize the layout in the New Contacts window?
    In the New Contact window’s layout, I would like to add most of the fields from the “Details” page to show on the “General” page. Also I wish to add my userfield “Referral Source” to this General page. That way I have a single point of entry… so frustrating having to go to different pages/links

  • Howard Friedensohn

    I created 50+ custom views in Outlook 2010 Tasks (filtered by different categories). About 10 of the views do not show up in Manage Views. If I try to recreate the missing views, I get a message telling me the view already exists. There must be a limit to how many custom views can be created. Is there a way to reset Views back to a default list of standard views and start over?