Create your Custom Linux Distro with Remastersys

This is strictly for Debian based systems.

Remastersys is a free and open source application which lets us create custom distributions of our system. Many websites list it as a backup tool, but it is actually far from being just a backup tool.

So, Remastersys lets us create a custom distribution of Linux. The custom distribution created includes all our installed softwares, and user data. Similar applications are available for other distributions. We have mklivecd for Mandriva and remasterme for PCLinuxOS.

The software has been developed by one lone developer Tony Brijeski.

There are many Linux distributions which have been created with Remastersys. One of them is Klikit.

To install Remastersys,

  1. Add the deb remastersys/ repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list file.
  2. Update your source, using sudo apt-get update.
  3. Install the software usingsudo apt-get install remastersys

The interface is easy to work with and the software is pretty much self explanatory.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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