Create Mobile Versions of Your Blog/Website with MoFuse
By on August 24th, 2008

We had been contemplating of launching a mobile version of the blog for quite long, but frankly could not spare much time installing and setting up plugins or having some custom code to run a mobile version. Our search for setting up a mobile version ended with MoFuse, which has lots of features and customizations that would make it easy for anyone to launch a mobile version with minimal efforts.

mofuse-logo MoFuse basically uses your feeds to create the mobile version of your site, but that is where the content part ends. MoFuse provides you with several customizations that would convert a simple feed into a mobile version of your site.


Features we loved about MoFuse:

Custom Domain Services MoFuse provides registered users with a easy to use custom domain name, so instead of using we can allow our readers to access the mobile version by pointing their browser to

This service is absolutely free, but will require you to have access to your DNS records. If you don’t have access to it, please check with your domain registrar.

Display Customization MoFuse allows users to easily customize messages on the mobile website along with allowing you to add a logo to your mobile website.

Monetization If you think you would be losing revenue by hosting your mobile website with a third party, then you are slightly wrong here. MoFuse allows you to display Google AdSense and AdMob. Though there is a 50/50 sharing ratio between the publisher and MoFuse.

Automatic Redirection MoFuse provides users with automatic redirection script, that will detect when your website is being accessed by a mobile device and automatically redirect to the mobile website.

Comment Widget MoFuse provides users with a comment widget, using which you can allow visitors to comment on the post.

Statistics and Chicklets MoFuse provides you with decent statistics for the mobile website, and also provides with a chicklet ala FeedBurner to display the number of mobile visitors on your blog.

Overall MoFuse provides users with a decent service to run a mobile version of their blogs or websites, with all these features for free, we would definitely advice everyone who doesn’t have a mobile version of their blog / website to use MoFuse.

Do you have a mobile version of your blog yet? If you do have one, which service do you use? Do share them with us.

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  • poor jokes

    thanks for sharing
    i ll try make my first mobile site with that

  • Mayank

    indeed this is cool! I liked it all the way. However, I still wonder that how many people will actually check the site through mobile browser ? Generally people who’ll have phones with bigger screens will only dare to do that and those phones are getting smart enough to render the whole site normally and then you get those zoom in/out facilities too :)

  • PC

    Good share.. I have checked my blog is before doing it to know how your site is displayed in mobile. Its a good one too.

  • Madhur Kapoor

    Creating Mobile version of my blog too.

  • Satya

    Really good article. I have been following your blog for last 3 months. You have good knowledge
    on Mobile(cell phone) Industry and happenings. Please continue the good work. Thank you.

  • Justin

    Hi Keith

    this is an excellent guide to mobile and its great to see so many people turning their attention now to the internet for mobile phones.

    I hope its okay to mention too that Mippin offers a very similar service to Winksite and Mofuse as well – – where we mobilize blogs and provide customisation tools to accompany the process (so you can brand your mobile site like your blog).

    One or two features we also offer are a huge number of existing mobile interent users, so that once your site is published in to a mobile version, it’s listed on the mobile site where there is one of the largest number of mobile users of any site in the USA or UK.

    Finally we’ve just launched some cool new social software which enables users with similar interests to you and what you write about to be put directly in touch with your blog! You should try it. We also made an Oscar winning (?) video about our social features here –

    Just a bit of fun but hopefully it explains the concept. We have a wordpress edition too so let us know what you think!

  • Nintendo Gaming

    Excellent! I’ve been looking into ways of making a mobile version of my blog that was quick and easy. This looks to solve that.


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