Create Free Photo Collages With Picasa [Three Step Guide]

picasa-logoPicasa is one of the best photo managing and editing software I have ever used, though I haven’t written much about it, I stand to mend those and give you more and more tips about it, and like Picasa I will be covering several other softwares, that I have neglected or rarely written about in coming weeks.

Getting back to Picasa, it has wonderful abilities to work with your pictures and provides you with several options to enhance them and provides tons of features for playing around with images.

One of the features I am going to tell you about is creating photo collages in three easy steps with Picasa, and yes it is free because Picasa is a freeware software provided by .

To create professional looking photo collages with Picasa, follow the three steps listed below.

Note: If you have not downloaded Picasa yet, download and install it and run it once so that it can index all the images stored on your PC.

Step 1: Find the album you want to create a photo collage from and choose it, in the right hand side frame you will see several options, just click on the button that allows you to create collages.


Step 2: Once you click on the button, Picasa will load the images in photo collage mode. You can move the images around, bring them on top, delete them, add additional images, crop images or for that matter perform any editing tasks on them.


Step 3: Once you have finished arranging the images in a collage, click on the the Create Collage button available in the left hand side bottom to create the photo collage, it may take up-to a minute to create the collage depending on the number of images that you used to create the photo collage.

That’s it, this three steps guide is all that you need to create and share beautiful photo collages for free, of-course you require Picasa too.

Download Picasa 3 for Free for Windows or Linux

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