Calculate Percentages With Ease
By on August 17th, 2008

Calculating percentages is really very easy, but believe us it can become quite a hassle when you really want to do it, we have spend time around fiddling with numbers to find the right formula before even using the calculator.

Percentage Calculator is a easy to use online service that will allow you to calculate the percentage of any two numbers (how much %age is 245 out of 2312) as well as find a number, given a percentage and number (example how much is 20% of 3456)

You can also use Google Calculator to perform simple (and pretty advanced) mathematical calculations, in order to calculate percentages with Google search simply enter (2/10)*100 in the search box and hit enter, the search results will show you the actual percentage, to reverse calculate a number from a percentage use the search query (10*20)/100.

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