Boot Animation Mod For N900



The best part of Symbian OS is customization. Startup animations were one part that could always be changed. I’m really glad to see that Maemo hasn’t changed much in this aspect.

Here’s ¬†how to change your N900’s boot animation:

  • Copy the video to /usr/share/hildon-welcome/media
  • Go to /etc/hildon-welcome.d/ and edit the default.conf file or create a similar one (the videos will play by the alphabetic order of the .conf files)

Since N900 supports most of the video formats, you don’t have to worry about ¬†converting them first. Also, there’s no need to overwrite the existing Nokia video. You can also play images and sound in sequence if you want. It reads all configuration files in the hildon-welcome.d folder and interprets them in alphabetical order. So, if you want, you can even play multiple videos.

After this mod, I completely fell head over heels for all the customization that N900 offers. To any guy who likes to tinker with his cellphone, N900 means nothing less than complete control.

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