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By on December 25th, 2007

Every now and then we have come across lots of useful utilities and websites which make life more easier for every computer user. These utilities are scattered all over the site. Since we are dedicated to giving you the best things here at Techie Buzz we are creating a special page that will contain all the utilities and services in one place making it easier for you to find whatever you are looking to find.

This page will be regularly updated as we go on finding things that are useful in the day to day life. If you want to stay updated about all the latest utilities you should bookmark this page for your future reference.

Must Have Utilities

These are some of the utilities that may help you save time, or make things easier for you in your day to day PC usage. Most of these are exceptional softwares that are available to user free of cost.


If you are annoyed with your windows Clipboard you should try out Clipomatic which allows you to store more than one entries in the clipboard.

Our Review | Download Clipomatic


Trayit is a useful software that allows you to minimize anything to tray.

Our Review | Download TrayIt


Quicknote is a software utility that allows you to quickly and easily take notes so that you do not forget anything again.

Our Review | Download QuickNote


Dump your start menu for this cool tool that allows you to launch program from your keyboard.

Our Review | Download Launchy


Cannot get much out of the Windows Explorer, switch to xplorer² to manage your files better with tabbed panes and multiple tabs.

Our Review | Download xplorer²


If you ever wanted to copy files faster and more efficiently TeraCopy is the utility you should use.

Our Review | Download TeraCopy


If you want to easily copy files between network computer Beyond Copy is the right software. It synchronizes the network computer clipboard.

Our Review | Download BeyondCopy

Net Profiles

Using your laptop on multiple networks is quite a pain when you have to keep changing the network settings over and over. Net Profiles is a life saver and allows you to create multiple profiles and easily switch to them.

Our Review | Download Net Profiles

Window Hide Tool

Is someone unwanted coming to your PC. Hide any application windows using a hot key. This tool is a life saver when you want some privacy for your PC.

Our Review | Download Window Hide Tool


Bored with seeing the same old folders in file dialogs. Places Bar allows you to easily change the folders to anyone you choose.

Our Review | Download PlacesBar


Keep your Google Docs and local PC documents synchronized using this cool utility.

Our Review | Sign Up And Download DocSyncer


Need to shut down your PC after 30 minutes but you are not going to be around then E-Counter is the right software for you. It will allow you to automate all your common tasks so you do not forget to do something.

Our Review | Download E-counter

PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier allows you to clean your OEM PC’s of free and annoying softwares that come pre-installed with the PC.

Our Review | Download PC Decrapifier

Google Toolbar 5 For Internet Explorer

One of the best toolbars available the new toolbar integrates pretty well will most of Google Services and also allows you to add multiple profiles so that you can fill online forms with different profiles.

Our Review | Download Google Toolbar 5

Putty Tray

For the putty freaks like me out there putty tray allows you to minimize putty to the system tray.

Our Review | Download Putty Tray


Want to print a document from home on your Office printer. PrinterAnywhere lets you print your documents anywhere.

Our Review | Download PrinterAnywhere


Want to use your FTP server as a backup medium. FtpDrive lets you mount your FTP server as a network drive so that you can easily access and store files using Windows Explorer.

Our Review | Download FtpDrive


Are you in US and want to see the current time in UK or for that matter any other country? QLock it a lightweight tool that will allow you to see world timings on your desktop.

Our Review | Download QLock


Software & Websites Collections

Quite often we review a bunch of software in particular categories. In this category you will find useful utilities that helps you. Be it memory tools, viewing PDF online or anything else. You will get a choice of more than one software or service you can choose from.

Tools to Convert Your Windows XP PC to Look like Windows Vista

Ever wanted to have the features of Windows Vista on Windows XP. Whether you want to have just one feature or completely transform your PC to look like Windows Vista read our post on transforming Windows XP to look like Windows Vista or Getting Windows Vista Sounds for Windows XP.

Online Document and Media Converters

Ever wanted to convert a avi file to mpeg or a text document to a word file? We bring to you the best online media converters which allow you to convert your documents and media into different formats.

PDF Viewers Online

Don’t have a PDF viewer on the computer you are using? Don’t worry here are few online PDF Viewers we have collected for you.

Tools to check Memory Usage

Wanted to check how much memory if being used by the PC. In this article you will find a collection of the most popular tools to check memory usage.

Windows Explorer Alternatives

Get better file management tools with some of the better free alternatives to your regular Windows Explorer.

Add Remove Program Alternatives

Tired of your windows Add Remove Program then check out the best alternative add remove programs  we have collected for you.

Start Up Managers

Ever wonder what softwares are scheduled to start when you boot up your PC or is your PC taking too long to boot up. Find out the reason why with one of the tools we have unearthed to help you manage your startup items.

Best Defragmentation Software

Ever wanted to defragment your PC but are fed up with the built in defragmenter here is a list of the best free defragmentation software for Windows.

Browser Bookmarks Synchronizers

If you are having a problem with accessing your bookmarks from multiple computers you can read about the tools to synchronize your bookmarks between computers.

Tools to Upload Content to Your Site

Looking for free tools to upload content to your site, here is our collection of top 5 free tools to upload content to your site.

Useful WebSites

There are many websites out there and we always strive to find the best services online for you. In this category you will find useful websites that add more utility to your day to day PC life.

Simkl Access Chat Logs From Anywhere

Ever wanted to look for something in your chat logs but are on a different computer altogether. Simkl allows you to store your chat logs online.

Our Review | Sign Up For Simkl (use invitation code TechieBuzz to bypass the wait period)

BuiltWith – Website Profiler

Own a website but don’t know the internals of it. Using BuiltWith you can easily find all the information you want about your website.

Our Review | BuiltWith

Free Privacy Policy Creator

If you want to create a privacy policy you can check out this post where we list out websites that help you easily create one.


FlickrBits is a site that archives all the application created for Flickr

Our Review | Visit FlickrBits

Online Storage Space

Running out of diskspace or need to backup data online storage space are a definite must use to backup your files online.

ADrive – 50 GB Space Online

Ever wanted to store and access your files online, ADrive provides you with 50 GB Space Online for free.

Our Review | Signup for ADrive

DropIO – Privately Share Your Files

DropIO is a service that allows you to privately share your files with others.

Our Review | DropIO

Online Storage Space Collection

Contains a list of free online storage space providers who provide you space starting from 1 GB up to 25 GB.

Visit Best Online Storage Space Review

Firefox Addons


KeyScrambler allows you to avoid potential key loggers that track everything you type on the keyboard.

Our Review | Download KeyScrambler

Multiple Tab Closer

Ever wanted to close multiple tabs in Firefox with a single click, this nifty add-on definitely adds value to Firefox.

Our Review | Download Multiple Tab Closer

Tabs Menu

Do you have 15 tabs open and cannot spot the tab you are looking for? Tabs Menu adds a new menu item which displays you the titles of open tabs, simply select the title and you are taken to the tab. A very useful add-on.

Our Review | Download Tabs Menu

Image Add-ons Collection

Saving a image in Firefox is not that easy. In this post we cover some of the must have add-ons to help you manage images better in Firefox.

Image Tools

Looking for Image editors or useful tools to create animations. Want a favicon creator without downloading any software? This category lists out useful sites and tools that allow you to easily edit your images or create a favicon in two steps.

Watermark Images

iMarkr is a free online service which allows you to watermark your images for free. If you are looking at a fast and easy way to watermark your images for free you should try out this service.

Our Review | iMarkr Site

Create Gif Animations

Ever wanted to create professional Gif Animations but did not have the skills, worry not GIFUP is a free online service that allows you to create professional animations for free.

Our Review | GIFUP

Create Favicon for Your Site

If you are looking to create favicon for your site but do not have the software for it, simply hop on to Gebfavicon a free online service which allows you create favicon in two steps.

Our Review | Genfavicon

Create Web2.0 buttons for your SIte

Ever wanted to create cool web2.0 buttons but do not have the designing skills, no worries My Cool Button allows you create cool web2.0 buttons online.

Our Review | My Cool Button

Create Free FlowCharts Online

Ever wanted to create flowcharts but cannot afford those expensive editors, allows you to create flowcharts online for free.

Our Review |

Fauxto – Online Photoshop

Fauxto brings the feature of Photoshop online for you, create multiple layers and much more.

Our Review | Fauxto

Free Online Photo Editing Sites Collection

Our review of the popular photo editing sites you can find online. Contains quite a few useful sites you should definitely use to edit your images online. Caution: You do not need any additional skills to edit your photos online :-).

Visit Free Online Picture Editors Roundup

This list will be regularly updated with more useful stuff we find online, so bookmark this page and share it with other by Digging or Stumbling it. If you have any alternatives do leave them in the comments and we will update the list under user contributed utilities and websites.

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