Baidu: A Day Of Criticism, Soaring Stocks and Hacked Website

A lot of people knew about Baidu already, but last 48 hours have put the Chinese search engine in some serious limelight. Baidu is suddenly the talk of the day after Google announced their new approach to China and indicated that they might even close down their business in China. However, being talked about is not the only thing Baidu enjoyed recently, they also had some other interesting developments:

Rising Stock Price:

Firstly, Google’s exit from the Chinese market, leaves Baidu as the top and only serious search engine available in China. The stock market understands this and responded with a 13% rise in Baidu’s NASDAQ share prices. On the contrary, Google saw a 12% drop in their stock price.

Site Hacked:

A lot of reports show that was hacked for around 3 hours on Tuesday by the Iranian Cyber Army. People going to saw the Iranian flag and the words “Iranian Cyber Army” along with some other symbols. It isn’t yet clear why the Iranian Cyber Army would want to hack Baidu, but reportedly Chinese hackers responded by hacking a number of websites registered in Iran.


With Google being praised on one hand for its ethics and integrity, Baidu is naturally getting all the heat in terms of negative criticism. Twitter and blogs are full of people criticizing Baidu for compromising with the Chinese authorities and abandoning “freedom of speech”.

Experience Baidu Censorship Firsthand:

Baidu also got some heat from the international community when tweets about how to experience censorship on Baidu surfaced. Simply go to and search for anything. Now search for and you will be banned.

Good or bad, it seems like a lot is happening for Baidu in a very short time.

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