Backup MySQL Database Automatically & Manually

We are pretty paranoid about having daily of our MySQL database for this site, and in the past have written a easy tutorial to create backups of MySQL database in under a minute.

However not everyone is command prompt savvy, or you may want to create backups in a different way. has come out with a list of 10 ways to automatically your MySQL database, to get some peace of mind, that if something crashes you have a backup to restore from.

This excellent list includes ways to:

  • Automatically backup mysql database to Amazon S3
  • How to Backup MySQL Database automatically (for Linux users)
  • Backup your MySQL databases automatically with AutoMySQLBackup
  • Backing Up With MySQLDump
  • Backup Your Database into an XML File Using PHP
  • How to – Using PHP To Backup MySQL Database
  • Backup MySQL Database Via SSH
  • How to e-mail yourself an automatic backup of your MySQL database table with PHP
  • Ubuntu Linux Backup MySQL server Shell Script
  • How to backup MySQL databases, web server files to a FTP server automatically

10 Ways to Automatically & Manually backup MySQL Database [Noupe]

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