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We all know the importance of privacy on internet.Being anonymous and protecting your privacy is not a crime ! What you do behind the privacy is what that matters.

If you’ve been following the news off late, a lot has been happening around the P2P networks, P2P is just one aspect of privacy. The other aspect is history, cache, temporary files data that you may leave behind on your system, which can be misused by some smart folks around you for their benefit.

I’ve always been pro-anonymous web browsing. I’ve always supported the motion to browse the web anonymously. There are a lot of freely available tools that help your surf anonymously and one JAP is one such tool !

JAP or JonDo is a new commercial service launched by the same guys who launched the much popular AN.ON. JAP is a research project aimed at providing an average user like you and me, to gain complete anonymity on the internet while browsing our favorite websites without the fear of being tracked.


Here is a lowdown of how JAP works. All you have to do is download the JAP client for your version of the OS. Install the JAP client and then all your web traffic is redirected through the JAP servers and makes it anonymous. Here’s a pictorial representation of how JAP works:


The Orange computer in the middle represents the JAP server. So your client sends the request to the JAP server and then the server replies to the JAP server. This response is redirected to your computer by the JAP client. The end server will never know about your existence.

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite offering from the guys at JAP.


JAP provides specially designed web browser named JonDoFox which is a custom designed Firefox web browser, which is optimized for anonymous web browsing. This is just a reinforced Firefox.

[ Get JonDoFox ]

Enjoy anonymity and as JAP puts it Anonymity is Not a Crime.

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