Advanced Gmail Keyboard Commands That Save Time

I am a heavy user, and prefer to use the keyboard shortcuts to save some time while dealing with emails. One of my favorite tricks is to quickly archive labeled emails in Gmail. In addition to that I also use several other quick keyboard shortcuts to achieve things that would save me more than a few seconds. Here are few of the keyboard shortcut commands, which will be helpful to you.


Quickly Archive Labeled Email in Gmail

To achieve this trick you will have to enable the Go to labelfeature in Gmail Labs. You will find instructions for doing it on this post. Here is the key combination you will require to use to quickly archive emails from a certain label.

Press g + land type the label name, then press Shift + 8" together (*) and press ato select all email, finally press eto archive the selected email.

Archive Label Email Command: g + l > type label name > * + a > e

Quickly Mark All Unread Emails as Read or Archive Them

Using these commands you can select all the unread emails on a page and mark them as read or archive them

Mark as Read Command: * + u > Shift + i

Archive Command: * + u > e

Quickly Mark All Read Emails as Unread or Archive Them

Using these commands you can select all the read emails on a page and mark them as unread or archive them

Mark as Unread Command: * + r > Shift + u

Archive Command: * + r > e

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