Adding NoFollow to Links In Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is probably the one of the gems from Microsoft that is absolutely free. It is the favorite of many a bloggers to post content to their sites and quite frankly we love it a lot too.

Windows Live Writer has a lot of features which has made blogging much more easier than ever. Quite recently Windows Live Writer got some new features like image editing and auto linking.

Talking about linking, many of you link to different websites while writing posts. Linking to other websites is certainly good but once in a while you may want to add a nofollow to the links so that search engines like Google do not follow those.

The question is How many of you know it can be done using Windows Live Writer? If you are one of the many who do not know that, keep reading as we will be showing you a simple trick that will allow you to add nofollow to any link when you are using Windows Live Writer.

Adding NoFollow to a Link In Windows Live Writer

To add a nofollow to a link you need to follow these simple steps. In the main link property window click on the Advanced button.


Once you have clicked on the button you will see additional options where you can add a Title and select the value for the rel parameter.

In the drop down for the values of Rel select nofollow. That’s it click on insert and the link will have a rel attribute with a value of nofollow.


Though you may not need to use this every time this tip can be useful when you are doing a paid review or do not want search engines to follow a particular link to other websites. Let us know if it is helpful to you. You can also share your own tips with our readers.

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