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Windows has a very useful “My Recent Document” folder in the Start menu, which saves considerable time of its users. However it is also true that it is a fantastic ideas but ill-executed.

Here are two reasons.

  • My first objection to the present form of “My Recent Documents” is that it makes a very serious hole in my privacy. After I leave the computer, anybody, who uses it in my absence, can easily know, which documents I had accessed last. Although I can clear this list, but clearing this list every time you leave the computer is a big big hassle.
  • And the second point is that, there is no categorization of different types of files. All file types are merged in a single list, and it makes it use a bit difficult.

To overcome these demerits, FlexiGenSoft provides a very useful tiny application, named as ActualDoc, which you can download for free at PCWorld [File Size: 4006KB]. It offers you a password protection facility to keep your privacy.

It resides in your system tray. When you click the icon once, it pops up a menu, which list different file types by neatly organized categories. If you double-click it, a full-fledged window will open, giving you lots and lots of options and features.Overall, a nice utility, and it is FREE.

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