How To Access Blogspot Blogs From China?

Looks like there has been a massive ban on millions of Blogspot blogs in China due to reasons mystified, however this is not the first time that the Chinese government have imposed bans, the have been doing it for several other websites in the past.

There have been several ways to access blocked blogs/websites, and the most popular of them has been using a proxy server or making use of websites that provide you with proxy access, without getting noticed.


There are several proxy servers out there, however you might want to stay secure, because data you exchange on these proxy servers might be cached and used against you, or used to rip you off.

The best way to get reliable proxy servers is by visiting Public Proxy Servers a website that regularly tests for the available proxy servers, using this site you can find proxy servers based on several criteria’s including by country, access time and uptime.

Do you know of a better way to access blocked websites? Let us know through your comments.

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  • If the proxy is blocked too?

  • Mac

    I believe being able to speak and write Chinese would be great thing for bloggers, it alone has the traffic of several continents put together :)

  • Using a SSH based Socks proxy is also nice :P

  • Simon

    FYI, the owner of Freedur Chris Mathews and his operations are very shady. There is so many bad comments floating around the internet about Chris Mathews, Freedur, ShoeMash and OpenTerrace LTD. Supposedly, Chris Mathews has stolen Freedur from its real owner – StackFile (owner – Paul Hay).

    Freedur server is full of stolen files, just as example –

    You can read the law suit against Freedur/Chris Mathews here….

    If I were you I would stay away from Freedur, ShoeMask and Open Terrace LTD.

  • nova

    and proxy is block? even the keyword "proxy" is blocked. and the link "Public Proxy Severs" is an unsecured site identifiedy by trend micro security software.

  • FYI, i tried to access my blog from Shenzhen, China… and it worked, anyone interested to verify if blogspot has been unblocked?

    • Mary

      From what I’ve read, censorship varies by province in China. I’ve also noticed “holes” in the censorship. When I try to access my blog, I can occasionally (maybe 1 in 50 times) get through. In general, blogspot is still blocked (written from Guangzhou).

  • Traveler

    The best way is to set up VPN. It might take a little research to figure out how to install it on your computer, but once you have it, it’ll change your life! I am a frequent traveler to China & I get freaked out by the thought that youtube, blogspot, facebook & twitter are block here, however now that I have VPN, I never worry! :)

  • candice hahn

    I found a useful blog ( ) that discusses the different options you can choose from in order to access Facebook from China, Vietnam, and other countries where the internet is censored. It helped me decide which option is best for me. Personally, a proxy works best for me since you don’t have to install anything, as opposed to a VPN where you have to configure and install… and I am so not a techie person!