Access Blocked Webpages By Sending a Email

There may be many times when certain websites /webpages are blocked in offices or schools, though there are several ways in which you can access those blocked pages, administrators are getting smarter day by day, and with such tricks being published openly on the Internet, you can be sure that you are not the only one reading it, your system administrator may already have read about it and blocked those proxy servers or workarounds.

webtomail-logo But fear not, there is a cool new workaround using which you can easily access a blocked webpage. Webtomail is a new service that will allow you to view blocked webpages by sending a simple email and receiving the blocked webpage in the response.

Accessing blocked webpages with Webtomail is a three step process and will involve you sending the URL of the webpage you want to access to [email protected], once you have sent the email you should receive the banned webpage in a email response after a few minutes.


Simple and easy right? So go ahead and access all those blocked webpages using blocked webpages,access blocked webpages,webtomail,tips and tricks,how to