Access Blocked Webpages By Sending a Email
By on August 1st, 2008

There may be many times when certain websites /webpages are blocked in offices or schools, though there are several ways in which you can access those blocked pages, administrators are getting smarter day by day, and with such tricks being published openly on the Internet, you can be sure that you are not the only one reading it, your system administrator may already have read about it and blocked those proxy servers or workarounds.

webtomail-logo But fear not, there is a cool new workaround using which you can easily access a blocked webpage. Webtomail is a new service that will allow you to view blocked webpages by sending a simple email and receiving the blocked webpage in the response.

Accessing blocked webpages with Webtomail is a three step process and will involve you sending the URL of the webpage you want to access to, once you have sent the email you should receive the banned webpage in a email response after a few minutes.


Simple and easy right? So go ahead and access all those blocked webpages using webtomail. Thanks DJ Flush.

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  • impNERD

    Sounds pretty cool, but wouldn’t it be easier just to visit proxy sites?

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  • elijah

    i wanted to view the youtube page. Can you help me access this website?

  • jessica

    that would b nice if that website wasnt blocked at ma skool too

  • Pat

    I received the files (2), and them what?
    save them? run? open?, nothing of these has worked so far

  • Suresh Kumar

    how can i access blocked websites

  • haamdah

    it's very cool.. hope it works

  • haamdah

    it's very cool hope it works

  • shuja

    how to open face in Pakistan

  • brian

    useless,i cant get access to face book,

  • sudeasan

    i want to acess gmail, facebook, orkut sites

  • John

    I wanna access

  • yolanda pollard

    i can’t log in to tagged. and i use everyday

  • yolanda pollard

    i am on tagged everyday and all of a sudden i can’t log on to site what can i do

    • yolanda pollard

      please help i can’t log onto tagged.

  • ashenafi aregawi

    if u open it .i am very appreciate u.

  • vikash kumar singh

    this site is blocked in my college so please unblocked it

  • sripal

    I can’t access my fb account in my college plz send the way. to access the account send to my mail id

  • hattie

    it is blocked by my school. and im trying to go around it. i have tried everything. i hope this really works

  • hattie

    i want to get on it at school but it’s blocked

  • John

    Open for me this website as soon as you can on my this ipad2

  • limnalin

    i want to access the facebook page… how can i access blocked page ?

  • annappajh

    i want to access the facebook page… how can i access blocked page ?

  • ajay

    i want to access the facebook page… how can i access blocked page ?

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