3 Websites to Make International Telephone Calls From Your PC

Earlier we had reviewed Talkety, a web-based telephony service which provides you with cheaper calls from phone to phone using voip from your PC. Here are three more web services that lets you make international telephone calls from your PC.


Using Evaphone you can make free phone calls from your computer to any part of the world. The calls can be made to both landline and mobile numbers and the service is completely free to use. No registration or signup is required to use this service. To get started just visit   evaphone, select the country where you want to call, and dial the phone number.


The downside of using the Free services at evaphone is that sometimes your call may not be processed as the mobile companies may charge the provider for making calls. The service does has some limitations like advertisements, limited duration of the call and the number of calls you can make (depends upon the   location and the telephone service provider).

There are no limitations in the paid service. Your calls are processed instantly. Here is the rate card for making PC to phone calls using evaphone in different countries.


Talkster allows you to make Long distance telephone calls from your PC to almost 30 countries in the world. Using Talkster you can call up to 5 of your international friends for free!


Follow the steps below to make international calls using talkster:

1.   Go to talkster and   enter your name and phone number where you will make the call from. After that enter the name and the phone number of the person you want to call.

2. Talkster will give you and your friend each a local Talkster number that you can use whenever you want to call each other.

3.When you want   to call your friend just use the local talkster number.

You pay only for a local call (if you are charged for local calls by your provider).You can also make conference calls using talkster with up to 5 of your friends. No registration or sign ups are required and there are also no talking limits or other limitations.

3.Globe 7 Desktop application

Globe 7  is a desktop application that can be used to make paid telephone calls from your PC. In addition to that you can watch videos, play games, watch live TV, listen to live radio, send SMS messages and more.

They also have a Mobile version so you can use Globe 7 from   your mobile phone.


To make calls from your PC using globe 7 you need to buy a voucher and credit your account. Here   are the call rates for different countries.

Download Globe 7 (available for Windows,Mac and Linux).

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